We are a traditional independent Baptist church which has been worshipping in the village of Lakenheath for over 200 years.

We hold fast to the Protestant truths of salvation by grace alone, by faith in Christ alone, revealed to us through God’s Word, the Bible, and believe it is the written Word of God. A summary of our beliefs can be found in the ‘What We Believe’ section.

We worship the Almighty God in our services, proclaiming His message of hope and blessing to mankind through repentance, confession and prayer, whereby we may be blessed with His forgiveness, mercy and grace. We pray, sing, read the Bible, and listen to a message from God’s Word brought to us by the preacher. Our worship is reverent and usually lasts between 1-1.5 hours.

We would love you to join us – all are welcome.

The church officers


Tony Lawn, Deacon

Peter Brown, Deacon

John Hayden, Elder